BlueBull merges with Arcano Partners

Four-year-old independent technology M&A firm BlueBull, merges into Arcano Partners, becoming ArcanoBlueBull, the new technology division for the group.

After more than two years collaborating with Arcano Partners, we’ve finally made the jump and integrated with them. From now on, we’ll be known as ArcanoBlueBull and become the technology division that promotes, overviews, and advises in all technology-based operations for Arcano Partners

From Left to right: Joaquín Durán, Managing Partner at ArcanoBlueBull, Borja Oria, Managing Partner at Arcano Partners

There are several strategic reasons for us to take this step. As you know, we take a very personal approach with our clients. Being able to help our companies build the future with key partners is one of our most significant rewards. As much as we want to help all, the acceleration of technology is disrupting many traditional industries faster than most can respond. While it’s impossible to be everywhere, our original partnership with Arcano Partners enabled us to leverage their expertise and market knowledge to penetrate industries that were hard for us to access. Arcano Partners know-how around their seven core verticals (Real Estate, Hospitality and Gaming, Retail, Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Industry, Clean Energy, and Financial institutions) has been critical to our success and growth. 

This partnership has also helped our startups too. We deal with disruptive sectors like Space Tech or Nanotech. The reason why we love them is that we want to help companies that matter. However, working in these segments isn’t without trouble. In most cases, it requires a deep understanding, not only of the technology in play but of the future trends and speed of disruption. Finding the right partners that can join forces with such unique and disruptive startups isn’t easy. Arcano Partners has more than 6 billion euros under management, including 600 million euros invested in VC funds. Their network of top VC firms in Spain is unmatched and enables us to locate, work, and collaborate with the perfect match for our startups. 

The ArcanoBlueBull team

The experience of last year has convinced us that our culture and vision are fully aligned with that of Arcano Partners. By integrating with them, we can now keep growing in reach and resources while helping, not just our clients, but also Arcano’s. 

We’re excited to be part of their family and share our expertise both with the Arcano Partners’ team and their customers. As disruption washes over more traditional verticals, we aim to help everyone understand the risks, but more importantly, the opportunities that technology brings.

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